proven fruit
Eric Kamau
I was born and raised in Kenya until I was 12. When I first came to America, Jesus was the last thing on my mind. Everything was new to me and I was focused on things, friends and inappropriate hip hop music. I quickly forgot about God. I was 14 when I came to Kids Rock. At first I was there for fun and friendships but over time I came to know God personally. Unfortunately, I stopped coming because I did not want to be accountable or give up my old life. I spent my time playing video games, listening to negative rap and other distractions. My grades dropped and I realized I was wasting the life God gave me. I knew I needed Christ, Bible-study, and accountability. I came back to Kids Rock. Now, I make better choices and my grades are mostly A’s in school. I'm 17 with a job at McDonalds and my own car. I am determined go to medical school and become a doctor and serve God with the life he gave to me.
Angel Page
Angel grew up in a troubled family like many of the children in our city. She is only eleven years old, and has never met her father. Her mother died several years ago from a drug over dose. Since then, Angel has been living with her grandma and attending Kids Rock Club where she has since discovered a love for reading the Bible. Her grades have gone up from D’s and F’s to six A’s and two B’s this year at school thanks to mentoring from Carla and the Tuesday Night Tutoring Program.